About the My Video Voicemail service

We make receiving video messages from anyone you know as easy as pie..

The first version of our video voicemail Inbox was a little something we put together for Larry, a family member, when he went into hospice. And it is great for that. (Larry enjoyed getting and watching and re‑watching well-wishing videos from distant family and friends.)

But it turns out, “video voicemail” is also handy for other things...
  • We use it very successfully for first and second round job applicants to introduce themselves, and then again to answer a couple of basic interview questions. Collecting all the applicants' videos in an Applicants' Inbox makes it easy for everyone on our team to review and comment on how applicants present themselves.

  • We use it for brief weekly highlights/lowlights reports by team members. A Weekly Reports Inbox makes a nice shared record of how the project is progressing.

  • And, closer to its original purpose, it's a nifty replacement for ecards for birthday and holiday greetings for distant family and friends.

The key is how remarkably fast and simple it is for someone to visit an Inbox web page and record a brief video, without worrying about when might be a "good time" since you can watch them when convenient.

Please email us at Hello@MyVideoVoicemail.com