Now in "Beta"!

Sponsored Inboxes for your clients/members!

Some of the significant enhancements added the last few weeks:

  • Vouchers. Organizations can sponsor this low-cost service for your clients/members and prospects by offering them vouchers. (People who send a video greeting to a loved one will see who sponsored their service.)

  • Co-managers. Inbox users can now invite relatives or friends or caregivers to co-manage their Inbox, to show new videos to the client, for example.

  • Email new videos. Inbox users (clients and their co-managers) can each choose whether or not to receive an email notification (with clickable preview) when each new video comes in. (No need to log in just to check for messages.)

  • All your Inboxes "at a glance". People who co-manage multiple Inboxes (such as a caregiver for several clients) can now see the status of new messages for all their clients' Inboxes at a glance. (Handy when visiting a client.)

  • Themes. Several color themes (including a higher contrast, larger-text theme).

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