Your Inbox Privacy Settings

Your Inbox has several privacy-related settings:

  • Inbox Name. A name, usually yours (for example "John Doe's Inbox"). It is shown at the top of the Inbox page (to help friends and family know if they are on the right Inbox. Note: it does not have to include your actual name, but should to be something that will be easily recognizable to friends and family.

  • Shortcut. A "shortcut" (for example "jdoe-1234") that you give to friends and family (so they can find your Inbox).

  • PIN code (optional). You can also assign a PIN code if you want extra privacy so people who find your Inbox also need the PIN code before they can send you a video message.

  • Searchable Directory (optional). By default, your Inbox name is NOT in our searchable directory. If you wish, you can add your Inbox name to our Directory so people who don't know or don't remember your "shortcut" can still find your Inbox.

  • Photo (optional). You can easily upload a small photo of yourself to appear next to your Inbox name to assist friends and family knowing they are on the right Inbox.