“ It's less what you say, more that you take a moment to say it. ”

Wondering what to say to someone critically ill?

Think “Hello” – not Goodbye


Chances are, your loved one gets weary of talking about their condition. But never weary of hearing news from loved ones!

Tip 1: A simple condolence... You'll naturally want to express your condolences about their situation, and a good way to do so is a simple "I wish this wasn't happening to you."

Tip 2: Talk about you What they might appreciate most is hearing about what's going on in your life... who you watched the big game with... who came home for the holidays... that funny thing someone said/did at work a couple of days ago... how that new hobby is working out... heck, what you fixed for dinner last weekend. You know, ordinary life stuff.

Tip 3: "That time we..." Mentioning some specific shared memory is a great way to let them know you value the time you've been able to spend together.

Tip 4: Include friends & family And next time you're with shared friends or family, whip out your smartphone so you can ALL say Hi and talk for a moment about what you're doing.

Being a refreshing window to the normal world outside their room only takes a moment. So take the moment. Say Hi.